ImaTag-E is a software that operates between the electronic devices and the integration by displaying the prices automatically and thus changing only those that have been modified.

Do you know how important it is to label prices correctly in a retail store? Do you know that if you have your prices correctly labeled, your sales increase? How do you display your store's prices? Do you use handwritten labels? And when do you need to update them? If you are looking for a fast, economical and simple system.


ImaTag offers multiple advantages for businessmen that help their business, making it more comfortable day by day.

Our software works with the applications that are most used in the commercial environment with the pharmaceutical sector such as NixFarma, Farmatic or Farmanager, but there is the possibility of integrating it into your system.

• Electronic tags

• Automatic control of label printing

• Versatile

• Economic

• Multiple integrations


The interface of our software is very friendly and easy to use. These are some of its features.

• Customizable tags

• Electronic tags

• Recognition of changes in prices or description

• Integral implementation in TAXOM