ImaCash ST

ImaCash ST is a program specially developed for the SMARTill cash drawer that interacts between the cash register device and the store management software.

ImaCash ST allows you to have an exhaustive control of the cash of the establishment, by dates, by vendors and by amounts. It also includes a register to avoid discrepancies in the cash and thus reflect all the changes made.

ImaCash ST automatically controls all the cash operations of the establishment in an easy and fast way, all in a pleasant interface and in parallel to the POS installed in the establishment.

• Anti-fraud system

• Transparency

• Economic

• Multiple integrations


The interface of our software is very friendly and easy to use. These are some of its features.

• Opening of cash register

• Add or remove cash

• Administration menu

• Payments or refunds

• Shift management


The interface of our software is very friendly and easy to use. These are some of its features.

• Amount to be inserted

• Discrepancies

• Updated cash

• Cash count


Don't forget amounts owed due to lack of memory, thanks to the sales system that allows you to keep track of your sales.

• Deferred sales

• Split payments

• Amounts owed

• Bundled payments


In this menu, more technical, we obtain all the cashbox statuses, to detect any anomaly or to foresee a breakdown in your cash management machine.

• Cash filling

• Coin count

• Level alerts

• Register of actions


User management allows you to have total control over who performed the movements, thus having total control over the operators.

• Create unlimited users

• Permits management

• Total customization

• Associated sales by color


Allows customization of some options related to the cash back of your machine or even details of all transactions.

• Detailed reports

• Export of reports

• Discrepancy management

• And many other options


SMARTtill is an innovative smart cash drawer that is revolutionizing cash management for hospitality companies. It is an ideal option to increase control and improve security and efficiency in cash management.